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You are invited to explore the Stoneham Public Library’s Internet network using your own wireless-enabled laptop computer. Free access is provided in the Library during our hours of operation. If you are bringing in your own laptop and wish to use our Internet connection you will need:

  • A wireless network interface card 802.11b or 802.11g
  • To configure your laptop to use the Library’s Internet connection
  • A charged battery and/or a power cord
  • Compatible headphones if you plan to use audio files (you are expected to mute the sound while working without headphones)

*Please note that the Library cannot assist you with your laptop, network card or configuration. The Library cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hardware requirements?

A laptop computer with a charged battery and/or a power cord and a standard wireless network interface (NIC) card that is compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11a, 802.11b or 802.11g. Most are.

What are the software requirements?

Set your TCP client software to obtain addresses automatically from a server. (DHCP turned on) Install and configure TCP/IP software by opening the Network icon in the Control Panel. Under Protocol settings, add TCP/IP. Set the IP address to obtain an IP address automatically. Leave all other fields blank. Restart the laptop for the changes to take effect. In addition, it is highly recommended that all equipment have up-to-date antivirus software, Spyware protection and a personal firewall installed.

I don’t have a library card. Can I access the Stoneham Public Library’s Wireless Network?


How do I connect to the Wireless Network?

Turn on your laptop. (It must have a wireless network interface card in place.) You will see our SSID of “StonehamPublicLibraryPatron” in your status bar. If your laptop is configured to obtain an IP address via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), you will just need to open a browser and a small Bluesocket(TM) window will appear and prompt you to Login. This window must be open for you to remain on the wireless network. Login as “guest@guest.com”. When you are ready to exit the network, click the Logout button. Please Note: if you are blocking pop-up windows you will need to disable it, otherwise you may not be able to connect to our network.

Where can I get help setting up, using or troubleshooting my laptop?

Library staff cannot provide technical assistance with your laptop or other wireless equipment. Staff cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment, or guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection. If you need detailed assistance or information, consult your wireless card’s web site or check any of the following sites for more information on wireless computing.

Essential Guide to WiFi

Complete Guide to WiFi Security

Google Wireless Directory

What about Network Security?

The Library’s wireless network is protected by a firewall but, it is still possible for information sent from or to your laptop can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and appropriate software, within the wireless signal’s range. When using any network connection, including wireless, it is recommended that you NOT enable file sharing or print sharing to aid in preventing hackers access to your computer. The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the Library’s network. Using virus protection, spyware protection, a personal firewall, and other measures to protect the information on your laptop is highly recommended, and is the sole responsibility of laptop users. Above all, do not leave your laptop unattended!

Where can I use my laptop?

You may use a laptop in any section of the building.

When is Wireless Service Available?

Wireless access is available during regular business hours.

Is it possible to print from my laptop?

No. However, public access computers are available in the Library which have printing capabilities.

Will my laptop have access to everything available on the Internet?

The Stoneham Public Library’s Internet Policy restricts access to instant messaging and patrons are asked to refrain from using this function while in the building. To read the policy, click here.

May I plug my laptop power cord into the library’s electrical outlets?

Yes. However, the Library cannot guarantee that an outlet will be available for use and therefore, it is recommended that your laptop’s battery be fully charged before visiting the Library.

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