Art Displays

The Stoneham Public Library displays local art work, rotating collections on a monthly basis. To learn more about arranging a display, contact Maureen Saltzman at or 781-438-1324.

Artist of the Month

This Month’s artist is Lori Del Genis

Even as babies, we love to look at faces.  What we see can comfort and inspire us. My art sets out to capture on paper the emotions and expressions of faces we love, especially faces that are no longer with us,or pets or animals that make us smile, or faces of well-loved fictional characters. I want people to never feel lonely while a portrait is in the room. Much of my art is in graphite pencil, mostly because I find that medium the most interesting to manipulate with the most realistic results. The more realistic the portrait, the more deeply it can affect the viewer. I am self-taught and believe that while schooling may hone a skill, the need to create Art is inborn. I understood my Mission when a grieving mother told me that when she looked at the portrait I created of her late son, it felt like he was always with her. I knew that I’d done what I’d set out to do.

Lori Del Genis











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