Artists of the Month: February 2024

M.E. Drummey & Sandy Kirby

Our February 2024 artists are M.E. Drummey and Sandy Kirby. Both of these artists began their painting careers at the Stoneham Senior Center in the early 2000s. They speak of the passion and devotion to painting that has characterized their artwork ever since. M.E. Drummey’s and Sandy Kirby’s beautiful work is portrayed in watercolors, acrylic and oils. The paintings reflect an array of varied interests and many different subjects.

M.E. Drummey has enjoyed having her Christmas ornament being received in the Blue Room of the White House for the White House Christmas Tree. Also, her journey has taken her to Boston for lilac painting in the Arnold Arboretum. She has painted for the Department of Conservation and exhibited in Boston, Melrose and Stoneham. Her love of
nature and animals informs the focus of her beautiful work.

Sandy Kirby is the recipient of numerous award ribbons for her wonderful artwork. She has enjoyed painting on Cape Cod and Mohegan Island. Ms. Kirby is responsible for art displays at the Stoneham Senior Center. She also arranges exhibits at the Town Hall.

Each month, the Library hosts a different local artist!  For more information about displaying artwork at the Stoneham Public Library, please contact Reference Librarian Maureen Saltzman at 781-507-2483 or