Dorothea Rourke O’Regan presents Stress Management Program, February 28th, 7PM


Magna Cum Laude B.S. Psychology, Mathematics, Secondary Education

Stress Management Consultant

Hospital-Trained & Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified & Registered Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy

 Join us for this FREE

 Informative-Helpful-Interactive-Fun Program!

 Thursday  ~   February 28, 2019

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Dorothea has 18 years of experience in counseling and hypnotherapy helping both children and adults bring positive changes into their life – often by

reducing and better managing stress!


Some things you will learn about and learn to do:

* The difference between good stress and bad stress  –  Oh yes there is!

* Breath control

* Meditation

* Simple finger-holding technique to help reduce and control various emotions

* Emotional Freedom Technique

* How to create new positive habits and get let go of old negative ones

* Energies on the emotional, mental and physical planes