Meet the Author: Peter Crowley

Join us as local author and poet, Peter Crowley, talks about his upcoming books That Night and Other Stories and Empire’s End. Crowley will perform a reading from each book and answer any of your questions! 

Thursday, September 28th at 7pm in The Marcy Room.

No registration required.


What people are saying about Empire’s End:

“Empire’s End delivers a powerful impact and is a thought-provoking collection. It fearlessly delves into political and social issues, while also offering a window into the author’s introspective journey. [With] haunting imagery [such as] “We sit under haunting sun—/gaunt, tawdry, eyes waiting…/Waiting for endless dirt/and thirsty worm” Empire’s End vividly captures the essence of the human spirit, perpetually driven to persevere despite adversities, despite knowing we all will die.”

What people are saying about That Night and Other Stories:

“Crowley’s stories are off-kilter romps in horror, but not the horror of Jason, Chucky, Freddy, [Hannibal] or Count Dracula—rather the shock and disgust of when every day life is pronounced in twists and turns of what bad things be possible just around the bend.”