Midday Meditation

Need a break during your break?

Your lunch break is here again and you’re trying to shovel down some food while crossing as many things off your personal to-do list as you can. Suddenly your break is over and you don’t feel like you got a break at all. If you want (need?) to slow it down, come to our weekly midday meditation program. Each Tuesday, from 1:15 to 1:45pm, enjoy the quiet and calm, practice mindfulness, or take a nap! Sit on a cushy floor pillow in a room only illuminated by candlelight, breath in the therapeutic mist from an essential oil diffuser, and take a moment to refocus your mind. Or nap. Napping is definitely allowed. Either way, you’ll enjoy some quiet time just for you in the middle of your hectic work day.

The timing of this program is intended to give participants time to get to the library and back to work within their break. If you arrive between 1 and 1:15, and/or leave between 1:45 and 2, that is alright. This is meant to be low/no stress!