Special Collections

Local History
The Nicholas E. and Marjorie H. Apalakis Room houses our local history collection. Please inquire about its use with our Reference Librarian.

Rental Books
The Rental Collection consists of current bestselling fiction and non-fiction available to patrons at a cost of $1.00 per week. Rental Books offer patrons an alternative to waiting on the reserve list until a book becomes available. This collection is sponsored by an on-going book sale by the Friends of the Library and proceeds from rentals.

The Library has an extensive DVD collection which is supported through the proceeds of a on-going book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Library and DVD rentals. Our DVDs are checked out for a week and patrons may borrow up to five rental DVDs and up to 10 non-rentals at a time. Due to the popularity of these items, a fine of $1.00 per day will be assessed on overdue DVDs.

Microfilm Collection
A microfilm reader/printer is available for use by the public. The machine will read both 16 and 35 mm microfilm and can make copies at a cost of 10 cents per page. The library has an extensive collection of items on microfilm for use with a microfilm reader/printer. This collection is available to the public for use any time during the library’s hours of operation and includes national publications, local newspapers and some local vital records which are listed below:

Business Week: January 1980-
Forbes: January 1980-
Nation: January 1959-
New England Journal of Medicine: January 1980-
New Republic: January 1960-
Newsweek: January 1960-
New York Times: September 1851-December 1870, January 1914-December 1945, January 1960-December 1963, January 1969-December 1974, January 1977-
Scientific American: January 1960-
Stoneham Amateur: June 1870-June 1874
Stoneham Independent: July 1874-December 1920, January 1922-
Stoneham Ledger: April 1973-December 1976
Stoneham News: October 1880-December 1888
Stoneham Town Reports: 1852-1981
Time: January 1960