Gifts and Memorials

The Stoneham Public Library accepts donations of new and gently used books. Interested persons should make inquiries at the main circulation desk. As always, your donations are tax-deductible. Should you require a receipt for tax purposes, please make a staff member aware of that when you make your donation. Donated books may be added to our collection or included in our book sales.
*Please note that we appreciate any effort to support us, but we cannot accept donations of textbooks, encyclopedias, and VHS tapes at this time.*

Magazine Subscriptions
The Stoneham Library is accepting donations in the form of yearly magazines subscriptions. For details, contact May Forkin, Assistant Director.

Those wishing to remember a loved one with a memorial gift to the library can make arrangements with our staff. Please contact the Youth Services Librarian for donations being made to the Children’s or Young Adult collections and May Forkin, Assistant Director for donations being made to the Adult collection.

Monetary Donations
Monetary gifts are a great way to show your support of the library and can be earmarked for specific departments. To donate to the Children’s or Young Adult collections, please contact the Youth Services Librarian. May Forkin, Assistant Director can be contacted for donations being made to the Adult collection.