Meeting Rooms

The Stoneham Public Library has two meeting rooms that it makes available to groups associated with educational, cultural, intellectual, civic, or charitable activities.

The Stoneham Room is located on the main floor of the library.
The Marcy Room is located on the lower level. A small kitchen is available in the Marcy Room.

Permission for use of either room requires the approval of the Circulation Manager. It is important to note that permission to use a specific room does not include use of any other room in the library. Application for use of a room must be made no less than two weeks in advance of the desired date. To assure fair and equitable use, reservation of a room for a series of programs must be approved by the Director or Assistant Director. Application forms for use of meeting rooms are available at the main circulation desk.

Use of meeting rooms is limited to the library’s regular open hours. There must be no admission fees for any scheduled programs and all meetings must be open to the public. The meeting rooms cannot be used for profit-making activities/ soliciting business. Commercial organizations that wish to use a meeting room may do so by making a $250 contribution to the library’s book fund.

Groups using the meeting rooms are responsible for adhering to the commitment date and for notifying the library if the scheduled meeting has been cancelled. Failure to notify the library if a meeting has been cancelled may result in loss of future use.

Arrangements may be made for offering of food. However, permission of the Director or Assistant Director is required. The clean up of the room is the group’s responsibility. Any damage incurred is also the responsibility of the group using the space.

Groups that are reported to be disorderly, too large, or disruptive may be restricted from using the library meeting rooms.

It is expected that any group using the meeting rooms will fully accept the responsibility for treating the space and its furnishings with respect. The rooms must be left in the same condition as that in which they were found. Any damages to this public property are the responsibility of those using the space.

The Stoneham Public Library reserves the right to waive/modify the policies for library related groups (i.e., Library Trustees, Friends of the Library).

Stoneham Public Library does not endorse or promote the viewpoints of the groups using the meeting rooms.

To schedule meeting room use, contact Debbie Cunningham at (781) 438-1324.