The Library staff and Trustees would like to say a big thank you to Jayne, Jenn, John, Nicole, Rebecca, Sarah, and Yun from Withum for all of their help shifting our collections around. Stop by and see their handiwork today!

Thank You Girl Scouts!

The Library would like to thank the scouts of South School Troop 67735 for doing a clean up of the library grounds after their meeting last week! We love see you all at the library and being in community with you. See you next time!

Gold Award Garden

Girl Scout Gina Wierzbowski is completing her Gold Award this year. Her project is all about raising awareness on the importance of native plants to our community and every creature that lives there. Gina has set up little gardens around town with facts about native plants and a link to a website and quiz she created. It would help her out a lot if you visited the site and took the quiz here!
The Library thanks Gina for including us in her project and wishes her all the best. ?


Graphic Novels are NOT just for kids!

The Library has a new collection of graphic novels for adults!  Here are a few reasons why YOU should read one of these books:

  1. Graphic  novels are a format, not a genre.  Titles can range from fiction to nonfiction, history, memoirs, biographies, fantasy, and more!
  2. Graphic novels are book-length comics.
  3. We have stand-alone stories, comic strip collections, comic books, and Manga.
  4. There is something here for everyone!

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