Author Jon Land October 17th, 7PM

Jon Land is the author of nearly 50 books including his recent series featuring Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, Palestinian detective Ben Kamal, and several Murder, She Wrote books.
Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to meet this highly acclaimed and prolific writer.
This event is free and open to the public

AutoRenewals from NOBLE are starting on July 15th

AutoRenewal in NOBLE
Autorenewal uses an automated process to identify and renew items that are eligible for
renewal on or just before their due date, and to notify patrons about items that were renewed and ones that were due but not eligible for renewal.
Autorenewal is used to streamline services for patrons, automatically applying the loan rules to renew eligible items rather than requiring them to log in to the library system and do this manually. This is also an equity issue for patrons who are not able to access their account remotely to renew items, especially for libraries that don’t do phone renewals.
Basic Rules of Circulation and Renewal in NOBLE
How Loan Rules Work
Every library has a set of rules that govern how their own items circulate when checked out at their library. These cover things like loan periods, fine rates, number of renewals allowed, etc.,for different parts of their collection and (sometimes) for different types of patrons. We use a separate set of loan rules for network transfers — your items checked out at another library and other libraries’ items checked out of your library. The network transfer loan rules may differ from your local loan rules, but it’s the same rules for all network transfers.
How Renewal Works:
Renewal is always conditional — items are due on their due date but patrons may renew items that have no holds and that have not already been renewed the maximum number of times.

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